健身課程 Programmes

Private Training


Each session lasts for 60 mins to conduct weight training and diet consultation. We offer 1-on-1, 1-on-2, and 1-on-3 training. Free unlimited use of gym facilities during the course.

Group Class


Around 700 KCal can be burnt during the 50-min class. The class size is 10 people so our trainer can cater for the need of every client.

設施 Facilities

GymBeginner Studio位置旺中帶靜,環境舒適,私隱度高。我們提供浴室及月租儲物櫃,方便一眾上班人士隨時上來訓練。無論你想增肌還是減肥,Studio有超過二十項器材,務求協助你盡快達到理想身形!

GymBeginner Studio is situated at a handy location with high privacy. There are shower rooms and monthly rental lockers, which make workout convenient for those who go to work. With over 20 training equipment, you can gain muscle or lose weight very effectively!

可逐堂繳費 Pay Per Session


You can choose to pay per session without any contract. There is NO hidden fees. Please contact us shall you have any queries. 

歡迎隨時預約試堂,費用是原價5折!請WhatsApp 9728 9926。

Welcome to book a trial for 50% off of the original price! Please contact us on WhatsApp 9728 9926.

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  • Flat 4A, Capri Building, Austin Road, Jordan (4 mins walk from Exit D of Jordan MTR Station)
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